Glycanex provides its customers with polysaccharide derivatives and materials for a variety of end-uses, ranging from R&D to large-scale industrial application.

Our products are produced using a variety of polysaccharides ranging from simple polysaccharides, such as starch and cellulose, to complex polysaccharides, such as fermentation- or enzymatically-produced polysaccharides. Our proprietary oxidation process technologies introduce additional functionalities into these starting polysaccharides - providing final products that we believe represent the next generation of polysaccharide derivatives.

Glycanex customers benefit from a highly skilled R&D team comprised of respected experts and innovators in the field of carbohydrate chemistry and technology. Together - with your staff of experts - our team and proprietary products and processes will create new opportunities for innovations in your business. Please contact us to discuss your specific interests and requirements.